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Installing ATF Pro

Our MOT software, ATF Pro, is available for download by simply clicking on the download link. Once downloaded, you can install the software and trial it for as long as you need. It has some test data available in it to allow you to book MOT tests. Remember, anything you add can be seen by others, so we request that you do not add sensitive data. We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have during your trial period.

After downloading, you may encounter a security warning that says ‘Windows protected your PC’ when installing. Make sure that the application name is ATF MOT Lanes Diary.exe.  ATF Pro is completely safe to install, and to bypass this error message simply click on the ‘More info’ link (if you see one) and continue to ‘run anyway’.

After the installation is complete, click on OK to run the software. Once installed, you can use the vehicles already found in the demo to test the software. If you wish to go ahead and open your own account, simply click on the red box at the lower right of the home screen and fill in the form that you are taken to. If you require any assistance with this, please contact us via the form on the contact page, or live chat to get access to the software.

It is important that your IT department make sure that the following domain names are completely whitelisted to allow the software to install and operate normally: so that users can install the software and update when required. so that users can reach the helpdesk & Knowledgebase etc – so that users can reach the helpdesk

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To trial the software you need to log in using the following demo credentials:

Username: Demo.User

Password: demopass