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ATF Pro is feature rich!

ATF Pro has been designed by a team with over 20 years experience within the motor industry, and 15 years in software and design. It has been built to provide a fast, reliable, and secure solution for running any size of MOT Facility. It will cope with Class 1,2,3,4,5 & 7 MOT stations as well as HGV, PSV, Trailer, ADR testing. There is no type of MOT that ATF Pro cannot handle. Every aspect has been considered very carefully making the system fast to use for taking bookings over the telephone, face to face or via email fast! The software doesn’t forget anything, and will even allow you to send reminders to your customers to remind them of MOT’s scheduled to avoid accidental downtime. It will even remind you of MOT’s that were carried out around the same time the year before that has not yet been booked. Never worry about getting an audit again with the equipment calibration register that is included. It will allow you to document calibrations, faults with the equipment, and also save documentation so that everything is all in 1 place. Still not convinced? Why not try the 14 day trial and see for yourself? You can download it here.

Clean and Simple Layout

ATF Pro comes with a cleanly laid out drag & drop visual diary making your schedule quick and easy to manage bookings.

Never Forget a Customer

When you create a new appointment and add a new customer, the system automatically adds the new customer to your customer list.

Never Forget a Vehicle

Like adding a new customer during creating an appointment, you can do the exact same with vehicles and the system will save these too.

DVLA Database connection

When adding a new vehicle to your vehicle list, ATF Pro will collect information stored on the DVLA database about that vehicle.

Remain in Total Control

Keeping on top of equipment calibrations is a chore, but not anymore. ATF Pro has a built in equipment calibration register & fault log.

Focused Utilisation = Profit

ATF Pro has been designed with utilisation in mind. It comes with many features to help you achieve best utilisation practice.

Simple Email Marketing

WIthin just a few clicks you can create an email ready to send securely by adding every customer email address into a BCC list. Just add your content and click send!

Multiple Lane Capability

ATF Pro can handle multiple test lanes by scheduling individual lanes on separate tabbed diaries. This will help you utilise each lane more efficiently.

MOT Lane documentation Storage

Store your pricelists, MOT testers manuals, and other important documentation safely and make it accessable to all staff at the same time.

View the full comprehensive list of features

  • Clean, simple and user-friendly interface
  • Customise costs for individual customers
  • Booking an MOT is quick and easy.
  • Registrations are checked against DVLA’s database and returns essential information for MOT test bookings.
  • Combine voluntary tests and annual tests into 1 appoimntment
  • Ability to drag and drop appointments allowing fast movements of appointments
  • Built-in equipment calibrations register helping keep you on track with equipment calibration expiry dates, fault reports etc
  • E-mail appointment reminders allow reduce missed appointments
  • Reminders of MOT’s due and not yet booked
  • Comprehensive reporting suite